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Charlotte Williams

Diversity and Inclusion Manager


About Charlotte

Charlotte identifies as a Jewish, fat, queer woman navigating the world with ADHD (VAST) and Dyslexia. She was raised by a holocaust survivor and lives with the mental health implications of inherited trauma from genocide. She believes that as a reflection of this, I am driven by the work of undoing the dehumanisation of marginalised folks, working towards an equitable world with empathy, patience and joy. I believe genuine behaviour change only comes when people feel safe, listened to and valued, and I aim to create these spaces wherever I work. 

Informed by my background in Applied Psychology, Sociology and Education, I specialise in the psychology of behaviour change, the creation of dynamic yet safe facilitation spaces and Inclusive Linguistics.


Whether I am with the team or with clients, my aim is always to work towards creating environments filled with joy and laughter but also self-reflection and ongoing development. I think it’s essential to stay constantly mindful of the truth that our fight is a collective one: Together we are fighting an unequal society built in a systemically oppressive way, and it is only when we can work together as one that we will find true equity for ourselves and each other. 

In my spare time, I host Sunday Assembly, a secular movement that celebrates science and community and am also a Humanist celebrant. I believe that it’s community that makes us feel whole and loved, and do everything I can to foster that for myself and others. 

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