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Learn. Reflect. Empower.

Our online modules are designed using modern developments in digital learning and are driven by your engagement rather than simply a dumping of information.

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E-Learning Modules


An introduction to what EDI really means, why it is important, and how we can fully engage ourselves in our individual and organisational EDI journey.


This module delves into the systemic structures that confer privilege and/or marginalise a person in a variety of settings.

Power & Privilege

This module outlines exactly what constitutes a microaggression, why they can happen and what we can each do to be better allies.

Identity & Intersectionality

This module explores how some characteristics may lead to oppression and how having multiple oppressed characteristics can transform the experiences of an individual.

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Made For You

Our e-learning modules are available in standard and WCAG compliant formats.


Suitable for all knowledge levels

Whether you're just starting out on your EDI journey or you're refreshing your existing knowledge, there's something in each of these modules for you.


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