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Jack Vincent

E-Learning Manager


About Jack

Jack is a passionate advocate for those in society who are underserved by the system and uses his platform as a vehicle for change. He has a wealth of experience in learning design and takes particular interest in using his skills to educate others on important matters in the shifting landscape of EDI. He has worked with all kinds of clients across a variety of sectors to provide effective, empowering learning experiences. Jack believes in changing cultures through education and is unrelenting in his efforts to push for lasting societal change.

As somebody who lives with GAD, Panic Disorder, and OCD, Jack understands some of the challenges those with mental health issues face every day and hopes to change the way we view mental health professionally and personally. He draws on the emotional experiences of working with refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, and other marginalised groups in order to infuse society with a richer understanding of the challenges others face. Jack is a firm believer in the power of people and the boundless potential we all have to learn anything we set our minds to.

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