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Introduction to Identity & Intersectionality

What is this module?

We all have different parts of our identity, that shape our day to day experience. Sometimes we will experience exclusion or discrimination because of certain parts of our identity.


If you’ve ever wondered about how the experiences you’ve had in life can be wildly different to somebody else’s, or your intrigued by the idea that our experience of the world is unique and directly affected by compounding characteristics, this module will help stoke your curiosity.

This module breaks down how our identity is formed by our experiences, and how those experiences are shaped by characteristics we hold such as gender, race, neurodiversity, age, and many others. If you’re ready to delve into what makes us who we are and how our experiences shape our world view, we can help you navigate through these ideas

  • Examine what we mean by both identity and intersectionality

  • Explore the origins of the terms and their importance

  • Reflect on how you can better consider compounding identities

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