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Introduction to Power & Privilege

What is this module?

We are all made up of different quantities of a mixture of characteristics, but did you know that some of these confer additional privilege upon us?


If you’ve ever wondered about the fairness of our society, questioned your own access to opportunity, or found yourself hitting an invisible wall in your life or career, it may be that society isn’t serving you the way you feel it should be.

This module breaks down how our society functions, how it confers privilege to some and withdraws it from others, and how we can each be better allies to those for whom society does not serve. If you’re ready to be truly open to change and innovation, let Impact Culture guide you through this investigation into power and privilege.

  • Examine what we mean by power and privilege

  • Explore how privilege affects us

  • Reflect on how the wider dynamics of power and privilege inform your experiences

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